Translating Messages From Heads To Hearts


Sales Enablement?

Believe me, you aren’t alone. There’s a lot of buzz about Sales Enablement in today’s marketplace. Marketing is clearly being challenged, but sales collateral is being scraped and refashioned from the ground up! Data from Hubspot makes it clear that most salespeople spend less than half their day selling. A blog called Seismic claims that …

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Hosea, Go Marry A Whore!

It seems crazy that God would instruct one of His prophets to marry a whore, just to demonstrate what [our] unfaithfulness looks like. But He did. He told Hosea to marry Gomer, a prostitute. Why would He do that? It’s vile. To a man, it strikes at the very heart of his identity and self-worth. …

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I’m there. That place where men go to die. Where the thing they start to look forward to is pushing the shopping cart that holds their wife’s purse at Target. I’m not sure I can do it . . . Especially now that I’ve been forced into seclusion for over a year at the hand …

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