Translating Messages From Heads To Hearts


Ouagadougou #1

What started out as a simple trip got a bit more complicated in Paris. Trip from Los Angeles to Paris was uneventful. After a ~10-hour flight, we were to have a “short” 4-hour layover at CDG2 in Paris, then fly direct to Oagadougou. Instead, we were privileged to enjoy French hospitality in the airport for …

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On Reimagining my life

It is interesting that I awoke at 2am, then again at 3 and 4am; I finally conceded to the inevitable and rolled out of bed at 5am. Made my coffee, each cup with a tablespoon of potent Mexican vanilla (thank you, neighbor Pam!). The interesting part of today’s story (at least to me) is that …

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Wrapping up 2007

Great day today. We got to see our good friends Dan and Marcia, along with their oldest daughter Amy (visiting from NYC). Over the past seven years, we’ve come to really love Amy and her sister Jill and it was a great privilege to see her with Dan and Marcia. We later shared dinner with …

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Community: is it Madness?

I just finished reading chapter 4 (online here) in Soul Graffiti about Emperor Arcadia. My emotions really took me by surprise when, after reading how he had tried to commit suicide and Mark and Joseph had visited him in the hospital, I actually, uncontrollably, burst out in tears! This is something I haven’t done for …

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The Road

Weight of darkness teased by scents of light. What was the purpose? To get there. Oh. So there is a reason for the journey? Sure. Okay. I just wondered. Oh. Literary feet wrapped in metaphor. Coughing over the tyranny of the road. Footprints in ashes vanishing with each step. Wondering. Breathing Papa’s protection underneath the …

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We had a great dinner last night. Carrie & Jason and the boys, Denis, Daniel & Mandy. Usual craziness with a 4-year-old and almost-2-year-old. Lots of rice on the floor. Maybe we should ixne on the pomegranate seeds in the salad? Several pieces under the table on the white carpet; not so pretty – and …

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