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Paris! The Eiffel Tower AND The Arc de Triomphe

We arrived yesterday afternoon (Sat Oct 15th) around 5 pm, after a 4-train day. The first leg was from our place in the projects (Cabrera de Mar) to the Barcelona Central Station (named Barcelona Sants). The 2nd leg was from Barcelona Sants to Valence, France; the 3rd leg was from Valence to Paris Gare de Lyon (one of the main stations in Paris) and the 4th and final went from Gare de Lyon to Vincennes. Here’s a little map showing the trajectory of the travel, along with the final mileage of 1,109 km (689 miles)

What the journey
looked like

After our (mostly MY) rather harrowing experience(s) in the bathroom at Cabrera, I wasn’t sure how this trip was going to go. Fortunately, it was really easy! All my stomach/intestinal issues completely resolved on Friday (after lots of fluid replacement and not a single thing to eat all day!) and the Saturday trip went off without a hitch. We caught the first train at 6:46 am. You can tell by the distance that even with the transfers, we made pretty good time, including the ~30 minute walk from the Vincennes train station to our apartment!

We started out this morning (Sun Oct 16th) about 9 am after several cups of coffee; we walked back to the Vincennes station, caught the train to where the Moovit app says to get off and when we walked up the stairs to the street, the first thing we saw was this . . . the Arc de Triumph!

To get the full effect of the 4 smaller photos, you have to click on one of them and they’ll open up to full view. They are close-ups of the 2 reliefs on the sides, one of the columns inside the arch and a shot of the tomb of the unknown soldier.

From here, it was about a 30 minute walk to the Eiffel Tower. I was a bit underwhelmed. Sure, it’s beautiful and one of the most iconic structures in the world . . . but . . . it’s a steel structure, a bit worn and rusted in places and not nearly as big as I imagined it would be. We didn’t spend the $$ to walk the 600 steps to the top!

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  1. Who knew the Arc de Triomphe would be more awesome that the Eiffel Tower! But I agree from the photos and Sherry’s blog that the Arc was quite spectacular. I gotta say though you really may have lost that lovin feeling if you didn’t take a romantic photo of you 2 lovebirds by the Eiffel Tower! Haha, sorry just trying to throw a little snark in there on Sherry’s behalf! Love and miss you guys!

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