Rick Gregory, Writer

Translating Messages From Heads To Hearts

Day 23 – (Tuesday 09-20-22) Salzburg

Not much happening today. It was cold, wet, windy and rainy nearly all day long. We had our breakfast at the hotel, went for a long walk – yes, in the rain. and came back to the hotel.

Spent most of the afternoon researching our next leg of the trip. Looks like Interlaken, Switzerland it is. By the time we got hostel reservations, train seats from the train station, and made reservations for the following leg . . . Florence, ITALY, it was evening.

I’ve learned that if I set up and use a VPN, located in the USA, we can actually stream our Hallmark Movies! Assuming the internet bandwidth is sufficient. And it has been for 2 of the 3 days here in Salzburg.

So, Tomorrow we’re off to Switzerland for 2 nights and then headed to Florence. We’ll keep you posted . . .