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Writing Portfolio



Websites for which I’ve written all the copy:


bigger dot, inc


Magazine Articles

Ordinary People, Green Operations Magazine, Spring 2012, Pgs 20-21

Choosing Resilient Flooring, Fine Homebuilding Magazine, June/July 1996

The Vapor Trail, The Construction Specifier, August, 1994

The Christmas Bike, Focus On the Family magazine, December, 1994

Feature on John McIntosh, Green Operations magazine, Spring 2012

Feature on John Wallace, Green Operations magazine, Summer 2012

Feature on Rose Tourje, Green Operations magazine, Fall 2012

Feature on Contractor/Designer Relationships, Green Operations Magazine, Winter 2013


Keys to Quality Assurance, written for Impresse Marketing, Feb., 2007

Blog Posts

The Internet of Things, written for FloorTech Group

FloorTech Celebrates and Plays in Seth Godin’s First Ever Icarus Session, written for FloorTech Group

Boomers will make for Booming Business, written for FloorTech Group

Can “Buying Direct” Actually Cost You More,? written for FloorTech Group

What Crazy-Good Customer Service Looks Like, written for FloorTech Group

No Waxing. No Staining. For Life., written for FloorTech Group

What Do Mona Lisa Fame and Great Business Have in Common? written for FloorTech Group

Video Posts

Retail Intro, prepared for FloorTech Group

1 thought on “Writing Portfolio”

  1. Gabriel Gutierrez

    Hello Rick.
    I found your information online searching for writers.
    I Self-published a book a couple of years ago in spanish, last year I tried to translate it, submitting the same paragraph to three different translators. Sadly, when my english speaking friends read the translation they didn’t like it.
    Then I decided to hire a ghostwriter and do the book again, in English. No research is needed, as I imagine, I would dictate the book and the writer will do his o her magic. Making it sound as good as the spanish original.
    It is a 179 page book with some in blank, 5.5 x 8.5
    The subject is on ideas to sell nutritional supplements the appropriate manner.
    Contact me if we can talk about this project.

    Best regards
    Dr. Gabriel Gutierrez

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