Rick Gregory, Writer

Translating Messages From Heads To Hearts

Palo Diablo & A New Well!

This is a new well in a remote community – in a cattle field! We drilled to a depth of abut 55 meters (~165 feet). Just to the side – about 30 feet from the well stands a tree that  local bad guys use as a torture point, called “palo diablo” or “devil tree.”  The ants living in the tree inflict wicked, painful bites. The Bolivian drug cartels tie an enemy to the tree and kill their enemies by subjecting them to hundreds or even thousands of bites from these wicked little beasts!

There’s some kind of venom in the bites that also – when bitten “in moderation” – brings relief from muscle or joint pain! I personally experienced it when I had one of the ants bite one of my fingers where I have constant arthritis pain. Instant relief from the arthritis . . . maybe from the bite pain?