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Book Review: Unfinished:Believing is only the Beginning, by Richard Stearns

Unfinished cover
In July, 2009, I said Richard Stearns’ first book, “The Hole in our Gospel:What does God Expect of Us?” was an amazing read, calling Christians to accountability.

Stearns’ latest book, “Unfinished” takes up where “A Hole in our Gospel” left off. While the first book talked of the missing pieces of the Gospel, Unfinished shows us where they are and how to live them. I love his analogies of the three kingdoms: the magic kingdom, which is primarily first world living, the tragic kingdom, inhabited by those living on the margins – and the kingdom of God, that place where the magic and tragic meet, and where each has wisdom and responsibility for the other. Stearns masterfully articulates who and Whose we are as Christians – and how to live a full and abundant life in the Kingdom of God (John 10:10).

And lest you think he takes the path of the Health & Wealth proponents, he artfully and carefully describes this upside-down kingdom into which Jesus invites us. The life goals of most Christians in first-world cultures (magic kingdom) don’t seem to line up with Jesus’ invitation to lay our lives down for His Kingdom. This is clearly a book written to Christians living in the magic kingdom – and redefining in biblical terms what an abundant life looks like!

I heartily recommend this book without reservation!