Rick Gregory, Writer

Translating Messages From Heads To Hearts

Day 14 – Sat Sept 10th – Prague

Today was a much slower day. We got up a bit late and headed out for some coffee and a visit to Prague’s Old Town Square. The first image above is the view from our 3rd floor window at the local Starbucks. This place is incredibly beautiful. I have quite a few photos of the areas through which we walked. The last image is of our $8 dinner last night. All 3 of the church images in the center are of the St. Nicolas Church, built between 1732 and 1737 on the site of the old Gothic St. Nicholas from the 1200’s.

One of the lessons we’ve learned, using the Eurail passes, is that even though the individual journey tickets don’t require reservations, we got “unseated” yesterday by people who had actually purchased the seats we were innocently occupying. The result? I stood for the last 2 hours of the ride. So today, the first thing we did was head back to the train station and secure our seats for the 7 hour ride to Krakow, Poland. We’d planned to take the 10:02 train, only to find there were NO seats left. It would have been a huge bummer to arrive in time for that train and find that not only couldn’t we take that one, but we would have been too late to take the one that DID have seats – and leaves at 7:02 am. The bottom line: we have seats. We leave at 7:02 instead of 10:02, arriving at Krakow a bit earlier than we’d thought.

After getting our seats sorted, we simply walked through the city, taking photos and enjoying the reality that we’re still, again, celebrating 50 years of marriage, here in Eastern Europe.