Rick Gregory, Writer

Translating Messages From Heads To Hearts

Day 21 (09-18-22) – Salzburg

Today was mostly a travel day. We got to the Train Station in Vienna and found a spot to sit and write a bit. As it came close to the time for us to board, I noticed that our seat reservation ticket showed a different train number than our train ticket! Oh Boy!

Train ticket said EC162; Boarding and seat reservation said 562. I started to panic, since it was 9:15 and the train was scheduled to leave at 9:30. I went to the info window and asked one of the attendants waiting outside for answering simple questions; he said I needed to go inside, take a number and await my turn. I tried to explain that I only had a couple minutes . . . he simply pointed inside.  I went in, took a number and paced, waiting for the 3 people ahead of me. 

Finally at a real help window at 9:22, the attendant explained that it was the same train, despite two different numbers. Our digital ticket for EC162 would work for the actual train we needed (562) to get us to Salzburg. Apparently, somewhere along the line the train split – one part going to Salzburg (562) and the other part (162) going to Munich. 

I’ll only have one photo for today. Once we arrived at our hotel (yes, a real HOTEL this time), we walked through the lovely narrow streets and found most shops closed for Sunday.

Dinner was fabulous at the Ristorante di Giacomo

Another walking tour tomorrow – probably in the rain and cold – it’s been in the high 40’s, low 50’s and raining most of the day. We’ll keep you posted!