Rick Gregory, Writer

Translating Messages From Heads To Hearts

Mac the Barber

OK, so Adam came and ran with me this afternoon. He’s a rabbit. I have this 4.06 mile run – not a 4 mile run – it’s a 4.06 mile run. Anyway, we (Matt and Sherry and I) normally run it in 38 – 40 minutes. Today Adam and I ran it in 36 minutes. So you think only 2 minutes less isn’t a big deal? You try it! Took me about an hour before I could breathe reasonably normally again (got asthma . . . no wonder).

Had a great conversation with Mac today. Mac is my barber. He’s all tatted up, with tattoo mags filling his shop. Really a nice guy, but upset about the “illegals” coming in to “take our stuff.” I asked him if he ever looked at life through the eyes of a poor person. He hadn’t. Asked him if he’s ever visited someone who has a dirt floor, no windows – only blankets covering the openings, no door – only a blanket. He hadn’t. I suggested he was upset because he was white and male – and saw life through that filter. When I left after my 30 minutes and $14 he shook my hand and said he enjoyed the conversation. I can’t figure out why. Everything I said was contrary to what he said he believed – or at least what pissed him off. Maybe next time we’ll get more time to chat.