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Orbiting the Giant Hairball

At first I thought the book was going to really be cheesy. Then I started reading. Gordon Mckenzie was for years one of the prime creative forces behind Hallmark. His stories are hilarious, but they also drive you to introspection. The premise is that creativity isn’t some special talent or gift, reserved for just “the creatives,” but that it is something we’re all born with – but that gets stolen from us by life.

The hairball is a layering of “the ghosts of past creative successes,” which seduce us into trying to repeatedly replicate them – which of course never happens like we want or expect. Orbiting is, at least in the corporate world, identifying the main goal of an organization and finding ways to reach it, but without getting caught up in “the way it’s always been done before.” Operating on the periphery, yet remaining true to an ultimate vision or goal.

I think that’s what we need to do in reaching the poor. So far, all the grand strategies of the IMF and World Bank haven’t had much of an impact. World aid so far is a giant hairball! Let’s orbit and see how we might impact even a small piece! The Batwa pygmies are still on the verge of extinction, but we can play a part in keeping that from happening! See you on the fringe!

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