Rick Gregory, Writer

Translating Messages From Heads To Hearts

Wednesday in Ouagadougou (3/5/08)

On Wednesday, Jean, the man who works at the house, cleaning and maintaining the outside, drove us to what is called the Artisan Village. It is a showcase of Burkinabe products and wares. We bought a few things, and then went to the American Club for lunch – where we ran into one of the missionaries living at the school we visited Thursday. The late afternoon and evening were filled with visits from various local pastors, along with Daniel Delma’s son David, and Dieudonne, married to one of David’s sisters. Speaking with David and Dieudonne was completely refreshing and a total delight. Here are two young men (both early 30’s) whose hearts are to find ways to help lift their communities out of poverty. They spoke of many ideas and I asked lots of questions. It seems they are willing to work as hard and long as is required to effect the change for which they’re dreaming and praying. It is amazing to me that they truly seem to want to do this for their communities – without expecting to earn money themselves. It is so different than other places I’ve been, where the people said they wanted to help others . . . and yet, you knew they wanted “stuff” for themselves.

Throughout the evening and into the night I wondered if God might be nudging Sherry and me to help these guys to find ways to impact their people. We’ve only chatted over IM for a few minutes about it, so it remains to be seen what direction it might take!