Rick Gregory, Writer

Translating Messages From Heads To Hearts

Saturday was a wonderful day. We did our regular Marshall Canyon run then came back and spent the balance of the day working around the Sorority house, getting the rest of our stuff moved in, wondering at what might be in store for us as we get to know the 24 girls who live here!

Sunday (yesterday) started with Church, during which Lou spoke from Daniel 5. The ultimate message had to do with our response to what Jesus did in history – how will it impact our lives and how will we respond to Him? Then at the ABF, he led the group in the beginnings of “Life Mapping,” in which each of us looks at a timeline of our lives, trying to see any patterns in how God may have been shaping us over the past several (or more) years. Sherry and I actually did the life mapping exercise nearly 2 years ago with Lou and Laurie. It became one of the defining factors in my making the decision to finally commit to completing my college education.

After church we went to a family party at which I met an interesting man named Tom. Don’t know Tom’s last name – just that he was a microbiologist for the USDA. Tom is a friend of one of Rich’s cousins. His wife died early this year and he’s now staying with one of his sons in Sunset Beach. Asked lots of very specific questions about our plans to go to Africa and commented that this son would like what we’re doing. I wish more of the family had taken time to talk with him. The older generations have so much to teach us, but we’re just too busy to slow down and mine the treasures of their experience.