Rick Gregory, Writer

Translating Messages From Heads To Hearts

What’s up with Rick?

All right, so its been almost a year since I last posted here. . . and a lot has happened in that year! I took a 2 1/2 year hiatus from full-time work after 25+ years in the flooring industry to go back to school (Cal Poly Pomona), from which I just graduated with a BS in Animal Science! Ultimately Sherry and I are still headed for Africa, where we’ll be involved in microdevelopment for marginalized people. I know Animal Science is a long ways away from flooring, but it is an interest I’ve had for decades and finally decided to pursue. It fits because the microdevelopment projects will be focused on using meat animals – like goats – as the basis for creating an economic infrastructure for people living in grinding poverty with little hope and usually no advocates.

Sherry is working as an RN in the ER at Long Beach Memorial Hospital. I’m working with a company that does cross-media communications (includes custom printing and marketing solutions). She’s one year away from finishing a Masters in Nursing and I’m ready to start a new Masters in Intercultural Studies and International Development. My program is a joint effort between Fuller Theological Seminary (the Intercultural Studies component) and Hope International University (the International Development component.) Its a 3 year program, but much of it can be completed online if we end up going to Africa sooner. We’re now living in Long Beach, since our house in Huntington Beach is still leased to a wonderful couple, who have been there since we left for Pomona in September, 2005. Email me if you want or need our new address!

Until we head off to Africa, I’m really stoked about our involvement with a group in our church called “The Gathering.” I’ll write more about The Gathering later . . .