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Day 19 – ( 09-16-22) Vienna

Walking through the down to get to our Hostel, I wondered if we really ought to be staying 3 nights here. But then . . . the Hostel is great. It’s called the St. Christopher’s Inn and is by far the nicest one we’ve stayed in so far.

Notice the quilts . . . There’s no top sheet and this is the first place we’ve been here in Europe, where the quilt actually covers your entire body. In the hostel we stayed in last (Krakow), the sheet covered about 70% of the bed. didn’t matter which way you turned the quilt. Fortunately, they provided an extra blanket with which we could cover our feet. Despite the extra blanket, I woke to uncovered and cold feet each morning.


Hard as it is to believe – this has been the best coffee we’ve found since we left London! Now, it’s the first place we head once we’re up, showered, devotions done and ready for the day! Well, maybe sometimes before devo?


We didn’t have any real solid plans for the day, so we just took off. Thought we’d hit the Judisches Museum Wien (Vienna Jewish Museum). It was about a 40 minute walk from our hostel, so we took our Mackers coffee and ambled along, through the light drizzle to the museum. I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed in the museum. Some of the information was interesting and helpful in understanding the plight of the Jews under Hitler, but most of it was more of Jewish memorabilia and an exhibit of the artist Stefan Edlis. One of the most notable and controversial pieces in the museum is a wax figure of Hitler, kneeling in a pose suggesting penitance – where he’s stuffed between lots of Jewish books. 

After the museum, we simply walked, and walked, and walked. We enjoyed the architecture, watching people and just being with one another. Here are a few photos of what we encountered today!

Walking tour tomorrow . . . after our Mackers coffee of course.

2 thoughts on “Day 19 – ( 09-16-22) Vienna”

  1. What an amazing journey you are on!!!! We are Living vicariously thru your adventures!!! Stay safe! Sometimes it sounds like you are on the Indiana Jones adventure to find the ultimate coffee!!!☕️ Good luck!!!!

    1. Cecilia, yes . . . coffee is really important to us, as you know. We’re kinda coffee snobs, and when we can’t get a good cup of coffee, it’s a bit of a bummer. And yet . . . the reality is that this trip is so amazing that coffee isn’t really that important. Did I just say that?

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