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Discouraged . . . ? Maybe not

Well, we’ve been back from Africa just over 60 days now. I’m trying to examine my perceptions and understand why I feel discouraged. It was a great trip. We spent over 2 months in the Sudan, working alongside amazing people. We saw incredible things take place and marveled as God protected us in the midst of extraordinary insecurity – with armed rebel warriors inside our compound multiple times. Temperatures soaring to between 120 and 130 degrees f became common and ceased to be noteworthy. We truly participated in ministry, humanitarian acts of kindness and tasted the bread of everydayness with Sudanese friends. We shared life with passionate and caring folks from all over the world – from Sudan, Michigan, Canada, Georgia, Maryland, Kenya and California.

Wait . . . maybe I’m not so discouraged after all.

3 thoughts on “Discouraged . . . ? Maybe not”

  1. Often its easy to feel discouraged when we get back to our "normal" lives after being in such different situations. So many people today take so much for granted, they don't appreciate what they've got and they make their relatively small problems into the be all and end all of life instead of realizing that in the big scheme of things its probably not important. Most people do care, they just need reminding how to.

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