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Nairobi, Sudan and Mambas

I’m not gonna lie to you. I think I’d rather be in Sudan. In Bor its hot (I think we averaged in the 120’s the whole time), muddy, full of bugs, snakes and scorpions – and oh yeah, people shooting at each other. But Nairobi? Posters in the guesthouse where we’re staying warn that you can basically expect to be mugged, especially if you look like a tourist, so they request you NOT leave the premises after 6:30 pm. And there isn’t a lot I can do to hide the fact that I’m not from these parts ☺ There are millions of people in this city, and I think every one of them has a vehicle that belches 6 pounds of carbon with every lurch forward (of maybe a foot at a time) in the unbelievable traffic. The diesel exhaust lays like a blanket over the entire city.

It is oases like the Mayfield guest house and the people who come here that make visiting this city wonderful. Just tonight we met a young lady who is a nurse, working for the past 2 years at a clinic north of Werkok, in Nuerland, just east of Malakal, near the Sudanese border with Ethiopia. Sherry learned a new treatment for snakebite . . . Tazer! Yes, they treat snakebites with a stun gun! Even the deadly green and black mamba bites are rendered powerless with a few hundred thousand volts! I wonder if they found this out by accident . . .

More later . . .

3 thoughts on “Nairobi, Sudan and Mambas”

  1. note to self, always carry a tazer when walking in snake territory.. must tell elvin in Kenya! thanks rick!

  2. Rick & Sherry,Welcome back to Nairobi. I would love to update you on what has been taking place on this side of the world. Jerry & Kathy are in London as they wait to monitor Kathy's reaction to malaria medicine. Hope she recovers soon so that they proceed to Nairobi. God is great and I see his fingerprints all over AgSudan concept. I get only affirmations from everyone that I have talked to or sent the concept to. Please send your safaricom number. I'm eager to hear more of your experience in Bor and discuss our next step.God blesses you and Sherry,Mamer.

  3. Rick and Sherri,It is wonderful to read your updates! I agree that it is hard to leave Werkok and the beautiful Dinka people. I think of them often. Jackie B.

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