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First Week In Davao!

Ladislawa Village

I’m not sure Iknow how to describe our time here in Davao so far. It started out on Wednesday the 24th, when Lois (Lois Lewis, the Director of the School and Clinic) collected us from the airport at around 1pm. Later that evening, the Lewises hosted a dinner (10 kids and 6 adults) with the family who owns the home where we’re now staying. They’re in the US for 2 months . . .


Thursday found us taking a trip to Faith International Academy for the closing ceremonies of the school year; we were invited by our hosts, Greg and Lois Lewis and their 5 beautiful kids. Afterwards, we moved all our (8) bags from the Lewis’s home to the McGraw’s house where we’ll be house-sitting for the next two months. It’s a big (bigger than our house at home!) 3-bedroom, 3 bath house in a gated community. Lots of amazingly beautiful and opulent homes in this area. It’s also a great place to run – which we’ve done 4 of the past 5 days.

Makes us miss our Grandkids!

Running in the heat has never been one of the “better” things for me. In fact, running when the sun’s out makes for generally the worst experience I ever have while running. And then, Davao. Take a look at the two images below of the weather app on my phone for what we experience at the beginning and end of our runs. Almost every day, it’s the same. At night before we go to bed, it cools down to the low 80’s and then by 6:30 or 7:00 am, it’s back into the mid to high 80’s.  We typically do a morning run (sometimes it’s really short . . . Like about 30 minutes or so), and then our regular after-dinner [prayer] walk. We’ll typically talk through the day and process whatever’s happened. It has come to be one of our favorite times of each day (when Sherry isn’t working at the clinic – like she is right now.) BTW, it’s 2:30 pm and she’s working until 10:00 pm.

At the Start of the Run
At the End of the Run

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were kind of lost days. We did make it to church on Sunday and you can read about that here in Sherry’s blog. 

My next story deserves a post all its own . . .

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  1. Jana L Thomas

    All I can say is your sweating for the Lord! Ugh! Prayers for your body to adjust quickly!!

  2. Hey buddy, looks like you will need to be on the road running at 5:30 or 6:00 in the morning instead of 7:00. I’m with you, humidity is the worse….. I’ll take the 100 plus dry river heat here any day over that moist climate there. Glad you guys are enjoying the nice digs …. At least for the next couple months. I was a little surprised to hear you mention Sherry was working till 10:00 pm…. Is that normal?

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