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Meet Ms Kay Campbell

kay campbell of paint rock, tx

Kay is a spry 95 year-old called “a local treasure” by Terry Waller, founder of Water For All International, and my host for a week of hand-dug well training.

Kay’s grandpa visited this area of near central Texas in the late 1800’s and began purchasing land in 1878. He was so impressed with the 1000+year-old paintings on the rocks (he was an archaeologist after all. . .) that he ultimately bought 14,000 acres of land around the site to protect it!

One of the keynotes of the place is that a “sun dagger” shines into the center of one of the paintings at the winter solstice. It was a joy to meet Kay and to see again the history painted by ancestors and Indians over the centuries at this historic spot!

Photo by Steve Schweitz