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Whose Shade Are You Hiding In?

"For without consulting me, you have gone down to Egypt for help. You have put your trust in Pharaoh’s protection. You have tried to hide in his shade."
Isaiah 30:2 (NLT)

When I read this today, I was struck by the reality that I do the same thing. I forget to ask the Lord about [whatever the issue] and seek to remedy it on my own. It speaks to my own arrogance and lack of trust in Him. How is it that I think I know best? How can it be that my limited intellect and experience supersede that of the God Who created the universe? 

unrelenting messages

But isn’t that how we’re taught today? In this age of humanism and materialism, even the church – all the way down to my own life has become infected! Culture screams, “You’re enough! You’re worth it! You can be whatever you want to be! You are successful, confident, powerful, wealthy, and strong.” The list goes on and nauseatingly on. Somehow, those unrelenting messages find strongholds in my thinking and I find that I default to myself or to “trusted advisors,” rather than first going to the One Who truly has the answers.  

Work out your own salvation

I know, I know . . . I have to “work out my own salvation with fear and trembling” (Phil 2:12). But then I’m reminded that this admonition is written to a church community, not to an individual. And that reignites the recognition that the expression of God in the world today is through his Church. 

Find the right shade

And I need to seek safety in His shade. Not the shade of cultural affirmations, which are like the gods of this world. They are drawn from the myths of self-indulgence and make each of us his own god. I need the Shade of His Body. The Shade in which I hid last night as the men from our Men’s Ministry group huddled around me, laying hands on me, and lifting Sherry and me up in prayer – reminding me that the only lasting safety and contentment I’ll ever find resides in His Shade.

Whose shade are you hiding in?

9 thoughts on “Whose Shade Are You Hiding In?”

  1. Rick, thanks for your thoughts. I need to be reminded that God’s will is that all souls should be saved, and that Christ has already paid the price, and now our Heavenly Father through his spirit ,which is in use, works to perfect use towards the work of the ministry.
    Yes, fear and trembling that I forget and fail to run the race to the end.

  2. Great Words Rick. I believe the church, what the church does that is, will display our salvation. In other words, show me, do not tell me that you are gifted with the Holy Spirit.
    I do not know a lot, however if we did not have salvation, Gods Spirit within us, there would be zero desire for you, me, or anyone else, to seek and save the lost.

  3. Wished I could have been a part of laying hands on you guys and praying for you guys as you venture out on Gods plans and purposes for you and Sherry in the Philippines. Please know that while we may be apart, our prayers are always with you…. We miss you guys !!!

    1. And I wish you could have been there as well! Hope you’re enjoying your trip. We’re loving the pics you’re sending.

  4. Gary Mitchell

    Rick…..hope and pray….you guys do well (no pun intended) on you journey!

    Enjoyed reading this post…my first.

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