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October 4-7 (days 37-40) French Riviera NICE







Let me tell you a bit about the Eurail Global Pass we bought before leaving the States. It might be the best purchase we made for this trip; I think we paid just under $800 each for UNLIMITED rail travel all throughout Europe and the UK for 3 months. Eurail boasts over 40,000 destinations that qualify for travel under the Global Pass we have. It’s simple; find a destination you want, plug in the date and time you want to depart and “save the Journey.” Then toggle the ticket to the “on” position – and show it to the conductor when he comes to scan and you’re home free.  

R & S Trip Path

We never would have been able to visit all the places we’ve seen so far – let alone the places we’ve planned for the rest of the trip. Above is a quick Google Earth view of where we’ve been and where we’re yet to go. All total it will be well over 7,500 miles of travel; and that doesn’t include all the shorter “day trips” we’ve taken!

Now a little about nice

When we first arrived, we were tired after about 8 hours on the train (it’s actually much more than just time, as we had to make 2 transfers for a total of 3 train legs) . . . and then we had to haul our luggage about a mile and a half to the AirBnB where we were staying. At first glance, Nice didn’t look very nice. Our apartment was in a pretty run-down urban neighborhood, and the last 1/4 mile included uphill finishing with 65 (I counted them!) steps I had to carry up our rolling “backpacks,” in addition to the regular backpack I was wearing. To Sherry’s credit, she also carried up a suitcase in addition to her own backpack. You have to read Sherry’s account of this part of the stay!

After a quick market trip (at least it was close!), we sat down to dinner and wondered why we’d come to this place. Until the next morning. Until we saw the beach. Until the glory of the place mocked us for our unbelief! It might be one of the most beautiful places we’ve visited!

2 thoughts on “October 4-7 (days 37-40) French Riviera NICE”

  1. I was lead to believe that Europeans don’t care too much for Americans but now I have confirmed it by looking at your Eurail Pass where they have you listed as a “2nd class senior”. (Ouch)
    Looks like a great place to rest up…. Kind of a slice of HB.

    Enjoy and soak in every minute of this God given experience……l

    1. Yep. They got me.

      We’re definitely soaking it up. It’s rained solid for the last 24 hours and not supposed to stop any time soon! Fortunately, we’re off to Barcelona tomorrow . . .

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