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Sidelined in Bolivia . . . for a couple of days

Wednesday morning. Woke up today feeling like someone stabbed me during the night, over and over in one spot just to the side of my spine at about L5-S1. Over the years, I’ve dealt with back pain like many people my age (which is none of your business), but have been really fortunate not to have experienced it for a good long time. I think shoveling mud and sand yesterday with awkward tools from awkward positions (trying to stay out of as much mud as possible) was the final blow in a series of tiny “tweaks” to which I’ve subjected my body lately. Its funny; I thought I’d get sick from the water in the bush, or the bacteria on the hands of the gracious peasant women (who haven’t had sufficient water to bathe, and you can only imagine where those hands have been) preparing meals at the well sites, or drinking “refrescos” made with questionable water, or eating from bowls and utensils that have been shared by countless others and have been “washed” by a quick rinse in unboiled, cold water, already dirty from previous dishes.

Nope; not a moment of being sick since I arrived. Instead, I’m grounded with back pain. I’m hoping and praying that a day or two with no lifting or pounding will get me back to the drill sites again. Until then, paperwork and a writing project to focus on . . . though it’s a challenge to type lying down with a laptop on your chest. Just kidding. I can at least sit and type as long as I don’t move too quickly ☺

4 thoughts on “Sidelined in Bolivia . . . for a couple of days”

  1. Rick you always seem to amaze me with your all that you do for others in the name of God. The world is blessed having an individuals like you and Sherry. I pray that you back heals quickly. Maybe it's your body's way of saying to chill for a day or two. Keep making a difference. God Bless you.

  2. Rick the back pain is just your body's way of saying to cool it for a day or two. Now you need to do some directing instead of laboring… It's so good to hear about the wonderful works you are doing. You will remain in my prayers. God bless you. Michael Wegener

  3. Rick, ah, I'm so sorry and hurting for you! Isn't there a marijuana plant or something around there to relax those muscles??? JKJKJKJKJKJKJKJK…..well, about the plant anyway.

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