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The 22nd Departure Is Nearly Upon Us!

Davao or bust

These last couple of weeks have blown by. So many things to do and people to see before we leave! It’s been wonderful to connect with our kids and grandkids, have them wish us well, pray for us, and best of all, give us lots of good, long hugs!

I was tempted for a moment to respond to the “available for upgrade” message from the airline. Until I saw the minimum (reasonable) bid was about $4,000 for all the flights for both of us. Not happening!


Many people have asked us, “Where are you staying?” We’ve had to answer that we just didn’t know . . . until we did last week. We heard from the Director of the clinic where Sherry will be working that they had some housing news for us. But that’s Sherry’s story to tell and I’ll let you read it on her blog 🙂

I was able to connect with a new organization, Sacred Harvest, after a referral by Carl LaBarbara. They’re headquartered in Costa Mesa, with much of their work focused on the island of Mindanao where we’ll be. Steve from Sacred Harvest has connected me with their country leaders, and with some of the other Sacred Harvest workers.

They seem like a wonderful group and I’m excited to see where the friendship/partnership goes!



Another of the connections Steve made for me was with a different organization called ICM (International Care Ministries). ICM focuses primarily on the Ultra-Poor; those living on less than $1 per day.

Just like ICM, The primary focus of Water For All, International (who I’ll be representing) is also to reach those who have the least voice, the poorest of the poor. Like ICM’s website clearly states they work with those people that “others can’t [or don’t] reach.”

As we get settled in Davao, I’ll keep you posted with more information!

5 thoughts on “The 22nd Departure Is Nearly Upon Us!”

  1. And your journey goes on! Wow! My part in this to to pray for you and Sherry and all those you come in contact with! God bless you on this journey, be safe, stay strong, and pray hard! Love you both! Cece

    1. Dear Cece, Thanks so much for your participation in the work God has called us to! A good friend of mine always says, “We live by your prayers!”

  2. Looking forward to riding (writing) along with you as you and Sherry embark on this great missionary journey. We will be praying for you guys throughout this incredible experience…. Sorry we are not there to see you guys guys off ;(

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