Rick Gregory, Writer

Translating Messages From Heads To Hearts

The Long Beach Armada

My hunch is that your first response is NOT, “What a cool name for a baseball team.” Nonetheless, that is exactly what it is – a semi-pro baseball team whose home park is Blair Field in downtown Long Beach. We were treated to a special game tonight, in which the Armada defeated the Orange County Flyers in a come-from-behind victory. You’d think that fantastic offense and dazzling defense are what made the event special. Not even close; it was the announcement between the 8th and 9th innings, “We’re sorry to inform you that due to City Noise regulations, we will start the fireworks show . . . right now. We’ll finish the game after the fireworks!” It was 9:55 pm and the game wasn’t done – but the fireworks had to be complete before 10:00 pm. A few seconds later, the fireworks started – all the lights still on in the stadium – and at 9:59, the fireworks show was done. 4 stunning minutes of pyrotechnics muzzled by stadium lights. End of evening, right? Hardly. Still one more inning to go!

There has to be a message here. Maybe something about planning? Or about things not ending up quite like you thought they would? Or perhaps its nothing more than a reminder that at times, life is absolutely hilarious and the unexpected is what gives life such texture and flavor. Drink it up.