Rick Gregory, Writer

Translating Messages From Heads To Hearts

Mission, Vision, Values

Wow! What a mouthful. So we spent time on working out what the Mission and Vision might say – and now we’re working on articulating the values that define the Mission and Vision. Wait a minute! Isn’t that a little backward? I thought values define Mission and Vision. Seems like we got just a bit out of sync here. I think what might be appropriate is to really define the key values – and then see how the Mission and Vision flow out of them.

I actually think this is a wonderful process for our church. So far, this is what it looks like:

Mission Statement:

A Community of the New Creation, living out of the gospel, for the flourishing of all

Vision Statement:

Catalyzing a global movement of the gospel that begins by impacting 40,000 people with the gospel by 2015.

I like the Mission statement. I’m so-so on the vision statement. One change I’d make to the Mission statement is to take the “of” out of the phrase, “living out of the gospel,” changing it to “living out the gospel.” The first seems a bit passive – the latter more active.

I really like the global aspect of the Mission statement. Uganda (or Burkina Faso) is just a bit more global than simply Long Beach or LA. Can I get an Amen here?