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Two Weeks In And . . .?

We’ve been in Davao for 2 weeks now. Sherry is starting to settle in at the clinic, and I’m still wondering what my role will be here, besides chief encourager and prayer warrior. My early morning rhythms are staying pretty much the same: I still get up early, have my devotions, exercise by either running or going to the gym, and then . . . The rest of the day’s a crapshoot. I’ve contacted several organizations, a local pastor and a couple men involved in their own ministries here. So far, I’m still waiting on God’s unfolding plan for my time in Davao.

Is This My Life?

Milo. Golden lab. stellar friend!

Dear, Sweet Milo

I know. It’s only been 2 weeks. I get it. I think. But imagine yourself alone in a big house that is about 85 degrees and 75% humidity inside with barely any air movement; aircon in one bedroom, but you can’t live your life in there, right? I’d do some yard work, but there aren’t any tools and the one weed whacker we had here just got borrowed. The dog (Milo) is a delight, but he isn’t leash trained and about yanks your shoulder out of the socket if you try to walk him. 

I Never Thought I’d Love going to the mall!

So I walk to the mall. It’s called Abreeza; and after walking the 1.1k I’m typically drenched in sweat and get the shivers (super cold!) upon entering the air-conditioned mall. They allow you 1 hour of free Wi-Fi there, so I’ll sit in Starbucks (terrible coffee here) or KFC or ChowKing (for Coke Zero) and attempt to get some writing done and posted to my blog. And I wait. For someone; anyone, to contact me and invite me into their work.

Abreeza Mall

As I’m waiting, I have some impressions about the city and the people. In general, the people are kind, gracious and polite. It’s rare that they initiate greetings or conversation, but once you make eye contact or speak to them, they light up, smile and greet you back. The appearance of the city is much like so many other places we’ve visited. Main streets are lined with businesses with little offshoot alleyways, narrow and what I might call “cluttered” with little lean-to shops and one or two-table “restaurants.” Most of these little “restaurants” are comprised of a single grill attached to a gas tank, and if the alleyway is 100 yards long, there will be a dozen of these little eateries. Most of the ones I’ve visited have drains running underneath the walkways and the tiles are often broken and sometimes missing. One such place, I stepped on – and through – a couple of galvanized sheets covering the junk underneath. Fortunately, I didn’t go all the way into the waste, but now I’m a lot more aware and careful! And by the way, I haven’t taken photos of these places out of respect for the people who live there.


In addition to these eateries, there are tons of tiny “markets” with chicken wire fronts; hanging inside and on the chicken wire are all sorts of chips, candies and snacks. All the business is transacted through a little rectangular window like a teller window you might see at a bank. Another thing many of these little shops do is sell “load.” Almost all the cell providers are pay-as-you-go, so you have to “load” talk time on your phone. That’s done in denominations of Php100 up to Php1000 (Php are Philippine pesos). If you have no load, you don’t talk or text. Simple.

Overall, my impression is that I like this place. Sure, it’s hot but there’s a sense of “giving back” when you’re in a posture of saying, “Here I am, Lord; send me!” There are multiple Unreached People Groups for whom I’ve been praying and asking the Lord to possibly give me access to them. Maybe with the wells? Maybe with stories?

In general, I think I feel content. To simply be here and able to support Sherry; to wait upon the Lord, expecting Him to unfold His purpose for Rick in Davao. Thanks for your friendship and for your prayers!

18 thoughts on “Two Weeks In And . . .?”

  1. Thanks for the update Rick and we are praying for you and Sherrie that God will use you in that place to enhance His Kingdom. Be safe and blessings.

  2. Hi Rick…thank you for your beautiful, hope-filled updates. You do such a good job helping us imagine being in your shoes. You (and Sherri)have my regular prayers…and will continue to. I look forward to seeing you God leads you and ministers to and through you. I’ve been so humbled and encouraged in the recent reading on Henry Nouwen’s book, “Adam: God’s Beloved”. It reminds me if God works through the most impractical, unconventional and yet, often the profound ways. Praying God will keep your heart, ears and eyes open. “A cup of cold water…”
    Sure love you, brother. You were missed in our last gathering. Grace and peace to each of you,
    Paul Nellis

  3. Aaron dale moore

    I am thinking you might have your hands full in that support role. The Lord be with you brother, and thanks for sharing.

  4. Enjoying your updates. Prayers! We’re having a mini course next week, for one African guy who happens to be in the states from Malawi. Emanuel, is a pastor from a rural area and is very interested (on paper) in well drilling. We’re praying that he’ll be adept enough manually and will catch the vision. Sending Sherry a hug and you a Yogi Berra whack on the butt “keep hustling out there boy!!”😂. Blessings bro.

    1. Thanks, Kim! Will do – and Prayers on this end too . . . I’m leaving in about an hour to go to one of the M communities about 4 hours south of here, where an IMB missionary is drilling for water. They have a large drilling machine (like an LS 200), but want to explore our method as well. They can’t get the rig to lots of places.

  5. Rick n Sherry…. Love to read your journey! Rick cherish this down time cuz it will come when you are so busy….you will say! Gosh I wish I could go visit the mall! Keep the cuentos coming!🫶🏻👍🏻💜🥵

    1. Cece, the busy may be starting! I’m headed to a drilling site about 4 hours away where they want to explore our type of drilling because they can’t always get the drill rig to the places they need.

  6. Nolann Blokdyk

    Love reading your updates. Curiosity serves you well and I’m sure it will lead you to many new adventures. Of course all under the watch of God’s plan. You continue to inspire us with your unwavering love for life. All’s good here on the home front. Nolann

  7. Am praying for your mission and ministry. I have learned to trust God to do simple things, like smile and get to know individuals I would come in contact with regularly … that is if you know the language. Learn names because people’s names are important to them, listen and laugh at your mistakes with them. It is simple … you are to love those you meet and touch their lives with your joy. Get to know and love as many as you can! DAD (Abba) will be happy as it will open the door for connection and relationship.

  8. Never underestimate the power of being chief encourager and prayer warrior for someone … especially your wife. This is an important and significant role. If Jana didn’t undergird my life with intercessory prayer during some difficult working years in retail, I my not have survived. Keep being faithful in waiting upon the Lord….. he has great plans for you!!

  9. Jana L Thomas

    May the Lord bless you in the waiting! That can be so hard at times but it sounds like you are making the best of it and anticipating the good work He has in store for you. Looking forward to all your posts to hear how He is moving in and through you and Sherrry! So miss you 2!

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