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Werkok Memorial Hospital – Hope for the Hopeless!

Well, its been a wild ride for these past several weeks! I looked over my past messages and see that they’re a little on the dark side. I’m not gonna lie to you, this has been one of the hardest things I think we’ve ever done. However, coming out of a bit of a funk, I have to admit that I completely see God’s hand in our lives and in this place (Memorial Christian Hospital, Werkok). It is the one beacon of hope for the people anywhere within at least a 2-hour driving radius. Twice now, we’ve had some folks (3 white guys from Nashville) working on a mission school in Jaleh bring some of their injured to us. The first one was a young man who’d had his finger crushed by a 50-gallon drum full of fuel. When they arrived, the end of the finger was hanging by a thread. Dr. Ajak and Sherry put it back together and when we saw the same guys again two days ago, they said he now has feeling in the finger and is able to move it!

When they came this time, they brought a young girl who’d been attacked by a crocodile! I’ll leave details of the story to tell you in person! So many other things . . . malaria, scorpion stings, new babies being delivered. Two of the ladies who’ve recently delivered babies here are widows from the recent fighting and without this hospital would have had no support.

Everyone in the vicinity says this is the best hospital – even better than the one in Bor, which is the nearest city. The Governor of the State even chose to bring his wife and mother here instead of the hospital in Bor! It is an amazing privilege to share a part of being Jesus’ hands and feet to the people of Southern Sudan!

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  1. Wow Rick, I continue to pray for you guys over there, for your safety and for all of the spiritual battles you fight. Somehow, they become so much more real and tangible in Africa. Please tell Sherry that I’m working towards applying to nursing school, after being in Bwindi that summer several years ago and feeling convinced that that’s the type of work I want to do, Marcus and I are back from Egypt living in Oregon and I’m back at school! Blessings to you both, and I thank the Lord for what you are doing! Tell me, are you threatened where you are by the government’s ban on aid workers? I thought of you guys immediately when I heard they were trying to do that. Be strong in the Lord, and in the strength of His power!Kerry McGuigan Gillette

  2. Hi, Guys!! It’s your nursing student from Michigan, Julie! Wow, your updates are amazing. Wish I could have witnessed your recent patients. My past trip was way too short, but God has made it perfectly clear that he wants me in the town of Werkok. I think about our hospital and our hard workers every day. I’m praying for you and feel so blessed to have met you both. Keep your heads up and know that there are many over here praying and thinking about you constantly.

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