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What is the What?

This is the story of Achak (Valentino) Deng. But it is also the story of countless other Lost Boys from Sudan. It is a compelling, tragic, victorious story of survival. To try and imagine some of the events and circumstances and experiences these boys have endured is beyond the typical American’s comprehension. Walking for hundreds of miles with not enough food or water; watching as one of your friends was carried away by a lion and listening as his bones were crunched and he was eaten by that lion. Sitting at the base of a tree, after walking for weeks together, burying your best friend so the vultures wouldn’t eat him until you had walked far enough away not to see or hear.

I’m experiencing What is the What as an audio book. It is so compelling I can hardly stop listening and periodically I find myself weeping at the harshness of the lives these boys were forced to endure.

God grant me the courage and resolve to make a difference!

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