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Can It Really Be A 50th Wedding Anniversary?


Moving forward, we’ll be posting photos, stories, and some of our own thoughts on events, places and the likely adventures we’ll be experiencing. The trip will be challenging in that we’re each (Sherry and I) taking a single backpack. Sure, we’ll have smaller daypack, but the goal is to never check a bag on a plane or train! Who knew that a couple of crazy 69-year-olds would be backpacking through Europe!

Stay tuned for more updates as we move through the UK and then on to “the Continent.”

1 thought on “Can It Really Be A 50th Wedding Anniversary?”

  1. Hi Rick & Sherry,

    If you are passing through the Midlands/Coventry then please do call in and see us! Send me a FB message to arrange.

    -Paul & Ruthn

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