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Obedience-Based . . . Or Knowledge-Based Discipleship?

I’m thinking so much these days about the differences between “knowledge-based discipleship” and “obedience-based discipleship.” I feel like my entire Christian life, I’ve practiced knowledge-based. Discipleship has been a program, a 6-week or 24-week or X-week or X-month protocol of lessons, which we attempt to master. Once we “get” the current lesson we move on

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First Week In Davao!

Ladislawa Village I’m not sure Iknow how to describe our time here in Davao so far. It started out on Wednesday the 24th, when Lois (Lois Lewis, the Director of the School and Clinic) collected us from the airport at around 1pm. Later that evening, the Lewises hosted a dinner (10 kids and 6 adults)

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Getting To Davao

The line is How long? No wonder the airline says to be there 4 hours prior to departure! Our flight was to be at 11:50 pm, so we thought 3+ hours in advance would be PLENTY! Standing on our front porch, ready for the next adventure . . . waiting for Renee to collect us.

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