Rick Gregory, Writer

Translating Messages From Heads To Hearts

Day 2: London

What a spectacular day! We actually slept 13 1/2 hours after being up for over 36 hours getting here! We started walking at about 12:30 and walked somewhere around 10 – 12 miles through London. We started at St Pancras station and went first to the British Museum, then to the National Gallery. Both places were packed with people and boiling hot inside.

From there we just started walking towards the River and ran into Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square. Coming down the So beautiful – and so ostentatious. You can almost feel the opulence and splendor of the Royals.

The architecture is amazing. Old alongside new and modern. Clean ringed with filthy neighbors. All urban and all unique.

The people are incredible. I’ve never seen more of a diverse and beautiful blend of colors, shapes, dress, languages and mannerisms. So many different ethnicities here and every one of them is loud and proud of their own.

Rick on the Thames
Sherry on the Thames

Sherry on the Thames

Crazy how cold and uninviting the water appears. And to imagine that for over a thousand years, ships have been moving up and down this river, bringing life, work, and prosperity to millions of London residents. The bridges are full of splendor and character, speaking hope to those living on each side.

Tomorrow we head to Cambridge!