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Day 3 – Cambridge

The Kettle House

Kettle House
One room in the Kettle House. Looks intriguing, right? NOT!

Ok, I’m not gonna lie . . . we got snookered into this deal. Saw a “Free Entry” sign and turned in .  There were 4 women, all who were in a Master’s program for Art at Cambridge; all who fancied themselves true art critics, and all who were incredibly boring! They pounded our sweet guide with haughty  and uppity questions, with which it seemed to me that they were wanting to impress her; wanting to seem like they really “got” all the (to me anyway) mediocre paintings. You can probably already imagine all the eye rolls and hand-covering-mouth snickers between Sherry and me!

I suspect if we’d gone through the house alone, it would have been lots more interesting. However, saddled with these crazy women, all we could think of was, “Get. Us. Out. Of. Here!

Kings College Entrance
Church Spire

Overall, Cambridge is beautiful. 13th century architecture with old accentuating the new.

Next stop, Bruges, Belgium!

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  1. Wow! So beautiful! It is SO much fun to follow your journey! I especially love the pictures! Thank you for sharing it all in this way! May God continue to enrich your every step!

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